Don't forget the basics! 3 steps to selling a home

With today's competive real estate scene, agents and brokers are rushing to stand out in a crowd. From custom key chains, pop by gifts for clients, and custom double leg real estate posts from true sign group ( for areas like oshawa an whitby), agents have many options if they want to capture a buyers or sellers attention. But let's not forget a few basics when selling a home! 


  1.  DECLUTTER AND DEPERSONALIZE  YOUR HOME – help potential buyers envision THEMSELVES in the home. declutter anything that takes up space, and tuck away all the personal momentos. Put them in boxes for safe keeping, and then bring them to your new home, where you can enjoy them again.  
  2. LIGHT UP THE HOUSE – it's always a great idea to ensure the home is well lit, as it will be more inviting to potential buyers. If the season is winter, and the days are short, purchase more lamps, and use daylight lightbulbs. These emit a whiter light, instead of the yellow and soft light we usually have. If your showings are in the evening, this will ensure your home is well lit and bright still, when buyers tour through it 
  3. ELIMINATE PET SMELLS – even if most people like pets, no one likes smelling them, especially in a home they hope to buy. Identify where the smells are coming from, and then ELIMINATE them ( don't just mast them). Too many realtors and home owners try to merely mask the smell. Instead, use a enzyme based product, that actually eats the odour causing bacteria. Sometimes, this might mean applying it to the walls and floors, and letting it work it's magic! 
oshawa post installers  

oshawa post installers