Terms of Service

    True Sign Group is a real estate signpost RENTAL and INSTALLATION SERVICE Company. We strive to provide Fast, Dependable and Professional service to the real estate agents GTA and Durham region. The following Terms and Conditions are provided to help foster a mutually beneficial business relationship. 

    GENERAL OVERVIEW:  True Sign Group provides and installs a wood or PVC signpost at a customer specified address for the purposes of advertising that property for sale or rent. Signpost rental period is the lesser of 90 days from date of installation, or 7 days from the date the property sale closes or the listing is withdrawn. True Sign Group also provides sign panel storage and installation services, as well as the opportunity to order ‘add on’ items, like brochure boxes and Power Punch riders, to assist the agent in selling or renting the property.

    True Sign Group policy is to complete all orders within 24 hours, excluding extreme weather days, if a complete and accurate order is received by 3PM for our core Durham Region area.

    The first business day is the next business day after the order is received. This means that an order placed on Tuesday by 3PM will be completed on Wednesday by 3PM


    Our primary Ontario service area includes:
    Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa , Port Perry, Bowmanville, Newcastle, Uxbridge and Stouffville plus all communities in between. We also service Oakville, Milton, Brampton, Toronto, GTA, and Mississauga, 


          We always strive to put each post in a location which will provide the agent with maximum exposure for their sign. However, we must take into account safety, liability and by-law concerns. Posts will be placed on the property at the discretion of our trained installers, unless special instructions are given with the order.

    It is necessary for us to adhere to all by-laws that apply to signage. However, it is the agent’s responsibility to confirm by-law requirements before installation. Agents will be contacted immediately if any problems arise during the installation process.  If the installation is cancelled by the vendor at the point of install there is a minimum $10.00 charge.

    Last minute cancellations may have a charge depending on how far along the scheduling process is. If an agent requests a post re-location a minimum charge of $10.00 may apply. The amount of the charge depends on location of listing in comparison to the installer’s route.

               Agent is responsible for providing complete and accurate property address information. This includes house number, correctly spelled street name, city, postal code, and directions id needed.

     All of this information must be provided correctly or the order completion policy is invalidated and additional charges may apply.
    Agent is responsible for knowing, prior to placing order, if posts are permissible at installation address. If a True Sign Group installer is turned away by the homeowner or the Home Owner Association, a trip charge will apply.
    For signpost installations on vacant land and construction sites must have locator stakes in place by agent prior to placing the installation order.
    True Sign Group prefers orders to be placed via its website, www.truesigngroup.com.

               By placing an order with True Sign Group, whether via Internet, phone or fax, agent accepts full responsibility for locating, identifying and marking all underground equipment, including utility lines, cable lines, sprinkler systems and underground dog fences. Neither True Sign Group nor its subcontractors accepts responsibility for damage to unmarked underground facilities. Locating and marking such facilities are the responsibility of the homeowner and the agent.

    The presence of yard lights (gas or electric) or any visible electrical or telephone boxes (light green in color) indicates that there are underground utility lines at the property. In these situations, True Sign Group recommends that the homeowner or agent call a locating company

               For changes to your order before 3PM the day before your order is to be completed, please e-mail the change to durham@truesigngroup.com

    For cancellations after 3PM the day before your order is scheduled to be completed, please call (905) 259-4361 to cancel the order. A Trip Charge may apply depending on the timing of the order cancellation.

               True Sign Group also provides sign panel storage and installation service to agents who request and sign up for this service. Agent must have provided sufficient panels to
    True Sign Group, and a panel must be in the appropriate True Sign Group warehouse at the time installation order is scheduled to be completed. True Sign Group does NOT guarantee that a sign panel will be installed at a property on the same day that the panel is removed from a different property. This is due to the fact that True Sign Group has multiple installers working multiple installation areas, and the same installer may not complete both the install and removal.
    If an agent has not placed an order with True Sign Group for one year, their panels may be disposed of by True Sign Group without notice. If an agent wants their panels returned, agent is responsible for the pickup of their sign panels at the appropriate True Sign Group warehouse.


               True Sign Group services are a rental relationship with the agent and/or agency. Agent is fully responsible for the prompt return of all items rented from True Sign Group, including posts, riders, brochure boxes and attaching hooks/clips.
                 True Sign Group rental period is the lesser of 90 days from date of installation, or 20 days from the date the property sale closes or the listing is withdrawn from the agent or the market. 
                 True Sign Group reserves the right to remove a post, without notice, after the 3 month initial installation period if the post has no panel or the agent has not requested an extended rental. 
                 Agents may request an additional 90 day rental period by contacting True Sign Group via e-mail, durham@truesigngroup.com

                Agents and homeowners are strictly forbidden from moving or removing installed posts.  If post or metal PVC post anchor is damaged in any way, agent/agency is responsible for up to an $80 lost/damaged post charge.

                When ordering a removal, agent is responsible for post being accessible for pickup by insuring the post is not locked in a garage, storage shed, etc.  If post is not recovered on first trip, a $20 trip charge may be charged for each additional trip.

                If post is not ordered down immediately after property closing, and/or post is not returned to True Sign Group, agent/agency is responsible for a $80 lost/damaged post charge

               If there are any issues related to your signpost installation (i.e., missing/incorrect riders, missing/broken brochure box, leaning/fallen signpost) please place a service call via our website, or via emailing durham@truesigngroup.comand the issue will be corrected as soon as possible.
    If post is leaning or fallen due to agent or homeowner removing and trying to reinstall the post, agent will be charged a trip charge.

    Payment is accepted via EMT, PayPal, or directly through our website. We also accept cheques  

    The cost of the removal is built into the original installation pricing. It is the AGENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO CALL DOWN the posts when no longer needed.  We ask that you notify us to remove the post a week before it closes.  This ensures that the post will not inhibit the moving process and will be down before the new vendors take possession.  Pre-ordering your removals is a good practice and is welcomed and appreciated

    Removals will be co-ordinated within our scheduled routes.  This process can take up to three days before completed. SOLD RIDERS retrieved during the removal process will be delivered to the office at the end of each month. Special requests for early delivery may require an extra charge, depending on the installers routes.  But you can always pick them up from the office whenever you need to. SOLD RIDERS are to be clearly identified with the name and office of the agent on the spine or inside. Otherwise, we don’t know who they belong to and therefore they cannot be returned to the owner.

    If a post is unavailable for removal when the installer goes to the listing, a notice will be placed in the vendor’s mailbox with instructions to contact their agent. The office will also contact the agent and arrange for another removal date. When another trip to the listing is required, a minimum $15.00 retrieval charge will apply. The amount of this charge depends on location of listing.


    Lost/Damaged Post:


    Declined Credit Card Fee


    Lost/Damaged metal anchor:


    Trip Charge:


    Missing Incorrect Map Coordinates:


    Incorrect Address Information:


    Missing Riders at Removal:

    $10 per rider

    Missing Hooks/Clips at Removal


    Missing Brochure Box at Removal


    Extended Post Rental Fee


    Late Payment Fee