What to consider when staging your sellers home

 1. Find the right professionals to work with when staging and setting up. 

Just like homeowners need to pick the best realtors to represent them when listing their home for sale, realtors need to focus on surrounding themselves with the best professionals as well. A home stager and the proper sign installation  ompnau offer the same result... a great first impression for potential home buyers.

A home stager will set your home up on the inside, to wow home buyers. A real estate post installed by the True Sign Group will achieve the same effect on the exterior.


2. Focus on the front and the curb appeal

Wondering where to begin? Try maximizing the sellers home's curb appeal. "Buyers make up their mind in the first 30 seconds as they approach the front door, and this is the same when they meet someone knew. First impressions can mean the difference between a sale and a lost oppurting. Clean up the front, paint and update the old weathered light fixture. Replace your house numbers on the front and the mailbox. Do monaor landscaping and ensure the lawn Is green and trimmed. Along with these, choose a double post coloured real estate post to be installed in Durham region.  This will ensure that when home buyers are walking up to your listing in oshawa, courtice, Pickering or Ajax, they will already be floored




Real estate post and sign installation for Durham region and greater Toronto area