3 ways to generate more leads

1. Make a list—we always get called by telemarketers, who somehow have gotten out contact info, from a list.” Sometimes you can buy these lists, and other times you can create them yourself, by capturing contact information for customers, people who visit your website, and networking contacts.

2. Ask you current customers for new referrals— everyone knows someone. If every customer can refer 5 people. And so on, you can exponentially grow your real estate business in Durham region and GTA to no end. You can ask customers to give you the names of people they know who could use your services, or ask them to reach out to their contacts and give them your name. True sign group always asks realtors to refer us to other Realtors if they need Durham region real estate post installation

3. Have/ hold a contest for people-- Contests and giveaways are a great technique to drum up new leads. Just be careful that you look legit, and don’t come off as a scam. People are wary of the “give me your CC info to win your free cruise trip” contest. After all, we all like to have a chance to win a prize. If the prize is desirable and sought after, the people you promote and showcase your contest to will mention it to their friends and family. Having said that though, don’t be afraid to mention it to them anyways. These new people will help create a potential pipeline for you, of leads, which you can convert to sales