Is it fair that Airbnb (and hotel) check in is at 2pm - 3 pm

So we Talked with the Largest AirBnB management company (3BNB) in Calgary and Edmonton, and here is their take

Not if you look at it from the entire cycle of Events

  1. Previous guests need to check out

  2. Room needs to get cleaned and restocked

  3. New guest check in

And the cycle repeats itself in perpetuity

Now here's an explanation and deeper dive into each of the above points

  1. What is a reasonable time to check out? When can you force someone to leave without ruining their customer experience? 8 -9 am is too early. Thus will mean they have to wake up before that time, and that's just ungodly of a time to wake up and check out especially when traveling ( so most likely you are extra tired). This leaves either 10 am or 11 am as the earliest option

  2. Rooms take time to clean and change bedding in. Addional to the time factor, you have a labour dilemma. If you only have 1 hour window to clean the room, and and you have 100 rooms… Where will you get the manpower needed for so much work, in such a short time, not to mention that the work load will drop off right after the flips, and then what will you do with the ridiculous # of cleaners sitting around with nothing to do the rest of the day. Your only option is to stagger the cleans and cycle the same cleaners over and over, inside the 4–5 hour window you have for flipping and cleaning

  3. Checking in: you must realized what you actually rented the room for…. I'll give you a hint. It was the night!! Not the day. You need a place to sleep, and not a place to hang out all day. So the hotel is actually providing you exactly what you wanted and needed, but in order to provide this to you, and not be a pest to you next morning by making you leave at the crack of dawn, they MUST implement a 3 pm check in( or around there)

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