Tips on getting out of a rental agreement (lease)

Here are some options:

  1. Be open with the landlord. If you have to leave your apartment because you’ve accepted a job offer in another city, talk to the landlord about your situation. He or she may also be interested in this idea and it may be mutually beneficial to the both of you. Just make sure you get it in writing.
  2. Sublet. Find someone to take over your lease. The person stays there and pays rent place while you’re away, but you keep the leas
  3. Is the apartment in bad shape? A tenant may be able to get out of a lease if the apartment is in a sub-standard state and repeated attempts to have repairs made have been ignored.

Sub-standard examples are:

  • poor maintenance of the building and/or unit,
  • public health concerns
  • Harassment of a tenant by a landlord

IF ALL ELSE FAILS: Just walk away – you can just break the contract and walk away. Understand though, that it is a contract and you are still liable for the terms and conditions of the contract. ( like the rent money)

Please note though, that a landlord has an obligation to try and minimize his damages in the event you break the lease.

The landlord must to attempt to re-rent the unit; to advertise it and try and rent it for the rest of the term

If the landlord has refused to rent your apartment to someone you believe is a worthy replacement, then you should have a solid defence for breaking your lease.